How to Sign over Your Car Title When You Sell Your Vehicle

When you sell your unwanted vehicle, part of the transaction is signing over your title of ownership to the vehicle. Perhaps you are gifting your vehicle to another; you will still need to sign over the title of ownership.  It is important that individuals understand that the title transfer transfers the ownership of the vehicle, and part of the documentation that takes the responsibility and liability of the vehicle off you.

Documents that are necessary when selling your vehicle include the title of ownership, vehicle registration and a bill of sale.  When selling to a car removal company, the company ensures that the documents are completed properly, as well as provides the bill of sale and any other necessary documents.

When a seller has a car buyer that is ready to pay the cash, the vehicle must be signed over.  The steps that you will need to take when filling out the title of ownership to the vehicle for transfer include:

  • Write the mileage of the vehicle down on the title
  • Sign and date the title of ownership
  • Remove the license plate from the vehicle
  • Notify the state that you are no longer the owner of the vehicle

As the seller of the vehicle, you are also responsible for any emissions and safety certifications that are required when selling a vehicle.

Title Transfer

Once your vehicle loan has been paid off, the title of ownership to the vehicle is then transferred into your name.  If you have paid off the vehicle, and you have not received the title, then you need to contact your creditor to request the title.

Transferring Your Title to Family Members

Signing your car title over to a family member or gifting the vehicle also requires that you sign over the title of ownership to the vehicle.

Getting Rid of Your Vehicle

Vehicle owners basically have three options to sell their vehicle:

  • Sell your car to a cash for cars company
  • Sell your car to a third party
  • Trade in your car to a car dealership

When you sell your unwanted car to a cash for cars company, you sell your vehicle to a company that pays instant cash. Buy & Sell Car for Cash is a company that makes instant cash payments to vehicle owners in Melbourne and pays up to $20,000.  Our car removals include everything necessary, including providing all the necessary paperwork to make the sale of your vehicle legal.  We do ask that you have the title of ownership and the vehicle’s registration, as we will require both.

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