Four Places You Could Sell Your Wrecked Car in Melbourne

When you get involved in an accident and your car is wrecked, you have the option of repairing it and putting it back on the road again. However, if the damages are severe, repairing it may not be a good option, especially when it is determined that the cost of the repairs would be more than the actual value of the car. In such a case, the most viable option would be to sell the car and use the proceeds to help you fund a new one. Here are some of the places you could potentially sell your wrecked car in Melbourne-:

Insurance Companies

If your vehicle is declared a total loss after a collision, selling the vehicle would be more appropriate than repairing it. In such instances, your insurance company or that of the at-fault driver may offer to buy the damaged car from you. The insurance companies like doing this because they have a way of selling such car at a profit, usually repairing them and selling them at a higher price than what they offered you.

Salvage Yards

There are several Salvage Yards in Melbourne you could sell your wrecked car to. One beauty of dealing with salvage yards is that they are end users, hence, there are no middlemen involved, translating to better rates for your wrecked car. With the salvage yards, you will be paid for cash based on the weight of your car. They will then tear the car apart and sell it for parts to consumers at discounted rates. The only caveat to using this method in Selling Your Wrecked in Melbourne is that you may not get attractive rates if your wrecked car is an old model that not so many people are currently using.

Car Removal Companies

There are many junk Car Buyers in Melbourne, with most of them being car removal companies or wreckers. In most cases, they are middlemen who will offer to buy your car in any condition for instant cash. They don’t dismantle the vehicle and sell it out for parts, but instead, in turn,in turn sell the vehicle to a salvage auction or yard. Though their rates will not be very attractive, they will always offer you instant cash and they buy all kinds of wrecked cars.

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